Everybody knows that fruits and vegetables are good for you. The problem is that people have heard the same speech since their childhood. People aren't excited about eating fruits and vegetables.

Without preaching the same tired message, how do we increase the overall consumption of fruits and vegetables?


The story of your food makes it taste better. The rich stories of our food enhances the flavors we experience and stirs emotions that are inextricably entangled in our physical sensations.


States with the highest consumption of fruits and vegetables are also the states with the highest density of farmers markets. Taking a backdoor approach, we decided the best way to get people to consume more fruits and vegetables is to promote the culture surrounding farmers markets. This subculture naturally consumes high amounts of fruits and vegetables, so by increasing this community we can increase overall consumption.

Unified Brand

We created a unified brand that farmers markets can utilize as well as customise to promote their specific market. Working with the Virginia Farmers Market Association, FeedMore and the Capital Region Collaborative, we created a campaign for the 17 local farmers markets that will launch late this spring.

The campaign reflects an authentic feel and focuses on where your food comes from, the farmer. The community and relationships people build with farmers at these markets isn't replicable at any grocery store.