Movie attendance has been declining for the past 10 years. Without drastically dropping ticket prices, how do we get people to leave the comfort and convenience of their home to watch a movie at Regal Cinemas?


Everybody experiences a movie in their own way, but at the same time. Having people around us at a theater hightens the movie experience.


Change the perception that movies aren't worth the money by elevating the Regal experience to something you can't have at home.

Brand Identity

Our new Regal logo design reflects the epic nature of the movie theater as well as the humanistic refocus of Regal.

We created a unique pattern system inspired by emotions we feel while watching movies: anger, euphoria, excitement, fear, happiness, laughter, shock, stress, and sadness.

These patterns will be used throughout the Regal experience on tickets, packaging, and more.

The Regal Wristband

The Regal wristband allows users to understand the impact of their movie theater experience by tracking, displaying, and analyzing their emotions in the new Regal App.

The wristband has a heart rate monitor, a motion detector, a spiral coplanar capacitor, which detects goosebumps, and voice recognition software to identify laughter.

A New Way to Review Movies

By aggregating emotional data, Regal can create an entirely new categorizing and reviewing system for movies.

Currently, movie reviews are completely subjective. But Regal has the opportunity to highlight emotionally rewarding experiences for the movie fan based on actual data.

With this feature, Regal will become a household name like IMDB or Rotten Tomatoes, and hold a permanent place in the heart of the movie lover.

Campaign Video

This rebrand won a silver Cannonball at the 2014 Richmond Show.